Race in America

Race in America #555

RIOTS are rarely so widely anticipated. By 8pm on November 24th, when the prosecutor in Ferguson, Missouri, announced the grand jury’s decision not to charge a police officer with a crime for shooting an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, cops in riot gear were already in place and barriers surrounded municipal buildings. Mr Brown’s parents and Barack Obama called for calm. Yet soon America’s TV screens were full of burning police cars, crowds coughing on tear gas, and young black men throwing bricks and smashing shops. America’s history of racial injustice looked as potent as ever.

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In Liberia, US Soldiers Race Ebola

In Liberia, US Soldiers Race Ebola #11

TUBMANBURG, Liberia—American and Liberian soldiers hammer, saw and sweat in the afternoon sun here in a frenetic campaign to build the county’s first Ebola-treatment unit. Soon, the soldiers will have floodlights to work round-the-clock shifts.

The unfolding epidemic has killed more than 4,400 people, mostly in West Africa. Everything in Liberia was needed weeks ago, and the Ebola-treatment centers are no exception. A month ago, President Barack Obama vowed to build 17 units. Soldiers have yet to complete one. (Further reading: Obama to name Ron Klain as Ebola czar.)

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Republicans Governors Facing Extinction As Democratic Wave Looms

Republicans Governors Facing Extinction As Democratic Wave Looms #324

While the mainstream media is obsessed with the contest for control of the Senate, Democrats are poised to wipe out the Republican governor class of 2010. Rick Snyder, Sam Brownback, Rick Scott, Tom Corbett, Scott Walker and others are facing a growing Democratic wave.

Politico reported, “The unsettled gubernatorial landscape has drawn a fraction of the attention of the seesawing battle for the Senate. Yet the state of play is dramatic in its own right: The fate of big-name Republicans such as Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, Florida’s Rick Scott and Michigan’s Rick Snyder are all on the line, and Democrats such as Colorado’s John Hickenlooper and Illinois’ Pat Quinn are locked in tough reelection races that could go either way.”

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Florida voters have an eye on the environment

Florida voters have an eye on the environment #438

File photo dated Sept. 26, 2007 — Christina Panko, a water quality assistant at the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, searches for marine life with three other employees at Tigertail Beach on Marco Island on Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2007. The animals found on the search will be used in one of the two touch tanks at the Environmental Learning Center that is opening to the public on Saturday and will include fiddler crabs, a moon snail, spider crab, crown conch and a pear whelk that will be placed in one of the two touch tanks. The National Estuaries Day celebration event will also

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Candidate for Knox County sheriff says 2012 arrest was result of honest mistake

Candidate for Knox County sheriff says 2012 arrest was result of honest mistake #867

In 2010, Phillips ran as a Republican in a three-way race against Dennison. Phillips finished a distant … After high school, he spent 7½ years in the U.S.

ROCKLAND, Maine — An independent candidate running for Knox County sheriff was arrested two years ago for driving with a license that had been suspended because he reportedly had not made required child support payments.

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In Defense of Grant and Lee

In Defense of Grant and Lee #885

The conventional wisdom concerning the comparative generalship of Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant was established almost immediately after the Civil War. Despite his role as, in the words of Frederick Douglass, “the rebel chieftain,” Lee has been portrayed as surpassing all others on both sides of the conflict not only in soldierly virtue but also in magnanimity and humanity. Indeed, for decades, no Civil War figure, not even Abraham Lincoln, has exceeded the reputation of Robert E. Lee.

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