Army athletes Rimal‚ Budha win Road Race

Army athletes Rimal‚ Budha win Road Race #11

KATHMANDU: Tribhuvan Army Club (TAC) athletes Hari Kumar Rimal and Bishwo Rupa Budha claimed the titles of the second Paragon Road Race here on Saturday. In men’s 5km races, Rimal claimed gold medal in 14:27.14 seconds, while Budha clocked …

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KATHMANDU: The Unified CPN-Maoist Parliamentary Party today decided to demand the Constituent Assembly to resend the disputed issues of the new constitution to the Constitutional Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee for forging consensus.

According to UCPN-M Chief Whip Giriraj Mani Pokhrel, today’s parliamentary party meeting also decided not to accept the constitution drafted through two-third majority.

During the meeting, the UCPN-M lawmakers criticised the seven-Pradesh model of Nepali Congress and CPN-UML, claiming that it was not scientific in terms of inclusion and giving rights to the disadvantaged groups. The lawmakers urged the leadership not to accept the joint proposal of the ruling parties.

Party’s whip Rekha Sharma said the lawmakers opined that the party should go for drafting the new constitution as per the spirit of the past agreements and achievements of the past movements. She said the failure of CPDCC was the failure of CA itself, as the committee had top leaders of all 31 parties of the CA.

Meanwhile, CA today started discussion on CPDCC report after Bhattarai proposed the same before the CA.

Summing up the ruling parties’ stance, NC’s Ramchandra Paudel said most of the CA members were for the seven-Pradesh model proposed in the joint proposal registered by the ruling coalition, with parliamentary system and independent judiciary. However, UCPN-M lawmaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara demanded that the CA should resend the disputed issues to CPDCC, as the parties were close to consensus and there was no other option.

Mahara booed

KATHMANDU: Following Monday’s CA meeting, Chairman of CPDCC Baburam Bhattarai expressed concern about the activities of the CA members of the ruling parties. A few CA members of the ruling parties took to hooting when UCPN-M lawmaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara was addressing the CA.

In his tweet, Bhattarai wondered whether hooting by the ruling parties in Monday’s CA meeting was indicative of worse things

to come as the days go by.

According to sources, Bhattarai has demanded PM Koirala’s official view on the hooting by ruling parties’ members during the CA meeting.

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