The US Army Has a New Laser Cannon, And It Works With an Xbox Controller

The US Army Has a New Laser Cannon, And It Works With an Xbox Controller #217

The United States Army is working with Boeing’s defense and security division on a new directed-energy weapon controlled in part by an Xbox gamepad.

AtotehZ 5pts

I find it quite funny that they deem it instinctive to know how to use a Xbox360 controller. I guess that is the day and age we live in ūüôā

If you asked a grown up to use a controller like that 30 years ago they’d lack the precision to do the job.

HighlyToxic 5pts

Better make sure they label that controller. Don’t want to have some kid picking it up and inadvertently firing off a laser cannon.

homey_d_clown 5pts

So this is what the Military created with the power of the Red Ring of Death?

Garm31 5pts

It uses an Xbox controller? Is that to entice more moronic gamers to join the Military? If your stupid enough to do it, then you really do deserve to get your legs and balls blown off in Iraq/Afghanistan. If your lucky.

forkandplate 5pts

I hope they keep the cable attached. You don’t want the batteries to run out in the middle of combat haha

steelmouth 5pts

I imagine a dad calling his teen son asking for tips on using the controller smack in the middle of war

phili878 5pts

Haha, a clear slap to the face to SONY and all PS4 users with their for five year old piano player hands controllers.

BAT 5pts

“Something that he doesn’t have to go to school to learn for years and years, but something he knows how to use instinctively.”

Advanced weapons that any child can control is great news for terrorists everywhere. n0xinab0x 5pts

I just picked up my controller and looked at the backside of it. Says Made In China. 

khankalili 5pts

F*** Yeah, for killing people and making war. Isn’t it awesome to know that in the future we can actually kill other human beings using futuristic weapons. Yay for the future!

mr_nee 5pts

Also I must add, I hope the controller is for driving truck, because every one knows that for shooters mouse is better – enough with imprecise shooting (ofcourse, they might have auto aim turned on – noobs)

thehollowones 5pts

I’d be game to take this thing on for a spin. Do you have any idea how many hours I spent on Halo, trying to score kills with the Spartan Laser? I smell Killionaire.

But seriously awesome stuff, I wasn’t aware that we had weaponized lasers to this extent. We could always use more defensive tech, I’d rather we spend billions on anti-missile and anti-air than another million on the next, more “effective” missile. If everyone spent their defense budget on DEFENSE, we’d make weapons of mass death obsolete. Well, that’s the dream anyways.

homey_d_clown 5pts

While i’m not a military person myself, I consider myself more of a pacifist (with a gun).¬†

Your comment shows your ignorance, there are many reasons people join the Army, but to think they deserve it?  

eloquent_win 5pts

This avatar is offensive and should be removed, its a symbol of oppression and genocide to millions of people.

JachAnen 5pts

@thehollowones Actually the plan is to have smaller lasers on airplanes to shoot incoming missiles down. But right now, the tech is still new it seems, as this is supposed to fit on a humvee.

eloquent_win 5pts

Yes America being able to wage wars of imperialism with impunity, the new dream.  Maybe Obama should consider building the Death Star.

Garm31 5pts

Homey the very f’ucking, scary, clown, I was just crackin’ a joke. Folks rush off to war unaware of what it is truly like. It is not a video game. The Military use many tricks to entice us to join. Also, coming from your picture, you don’t seem to find anything funny.¬†

Warlord_Irochi 5pts

@eloquent_win Nope, it is a flag that represent people of a free country, not the actions of a government.
And you words of ignorance are plain xenophobic. There is a limit for cheap baiting man and you over-did it.

tomatpaburk 5pts

@eloquent_win Its the symbol and flag of a sovereign nation. A nations flag is no more offensive than any other countrys that has waged a war and is not representative of actions commited by said nations goverment. 

Is the American flag offensive becuse of the Vietnam war? Is the Japanese flag offensive becuse of their actions in China during WW2 or is the Brittish flag offensive becuse of their nations colonial days?

No a flag is not responsible for the actions of goverments troughout time.

Lacarus 5pts

@TarnishedSoul57 How? Because it’s bigger? The size of the DS1+2+3 allows for more ways to position the controller, depending on which game you’re playing, accommodating for children’s smaller hands. The DS4 retains this while being more ergonomic. The xbox controller is great, but less dynamic.

Qmajinbuu 5pts

@Warlord_Irochi¬†@eloquent_win Really?! ¬†That’s strange because I didn’t know Israel was a free country, I thought it was apartheid state. ¬† ¬†After all, the definition of an apartheid state describes exactly what happens to the palestinians there on a daily basis. ¬†

eloquent_win 5pts

The swasitka was a symbol of a sovereign nation that has as you said¬†“waged a war” as well, so then by your fallacious logic one would come to the assumption that is not offensive either although it most assuredly is to the victims,¬†furthermore I would indeed venture to say there is little difference between the ghetto of Warsaw and the ghetto of Gaza so what then is the difference between the star of david and the swastika given the situation of the palestinians who are by Israeli force of arms being subjected to such similar injustice?

JachAnen 5pts

@Shadowdanc3r¬†@eloquent_win Actually I think one of the reasons was the lack of metal. Also, the laser cannon can’t be made yet (the above is the closest we got to it) and getting the power for it must be a nightmare.

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